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A huge weight lifted off my shoulders

When I first met Aimee, I was very shy and reluctant. I had no self-worth. My flat was a mess. I started to hoover and stuff for when she came round. I think I got quite good at keeping tidy. My window was broken.

Aimee came and sourced my landlord’s details and got the repairs done. I had waited 14 months for that. It was freezing in the winter. All them ***** were bullying and victimising me. I reported it all to the police and they told me that it was my word against 6/7 of theirs and they were denying it. I was walking on air when I got a viewing for my flat. I was elated. Then I got the keys; that was a huge weight lifted off my shoulders.


I wasn’t getting bullied any more, the two sets of stairs weren’t going to cripple me any more. I even have a wet room and hand rails here. I can get a decent wash now and even get off the lavvy easily. Aimee even helped me get all my carpets. I was ever so grateful. It was colder than charity in here. She got me all my furniture and kitchen stuff. All I had was a bed and a TV.

I saved for 3 years from my benefits to go on holiday but my best mate died while we were there and I got PTSD; I thought only army lads got that.


I always said I would never go to counselling and even called my doctor names when he suggested it. I spoke to Aimee and I was still reluctant but went ahead with it. I am glad I did because my nightmares and stuff have stopped for now. My kids never came to my old place because it was a dump and a danger zone, I was being pushed over in the street, spat at and everything. Now I see at least one of my kids, at least once a week. I can’t thank you enough for what you have done for me.

Peter Sullivan, Middlesbrough Support for All, service user 34812

Humankind worker comments - I am so proud of how far Peter has come, from having no confidence or self-worth to a happier man with a lovely welcoming home and a cracking sense of humour. He is no longer on edge and is now happy and comfortable to leave his property; without being scared.