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A new lease of life

Service User A says: “I was advised by my solicitor that I had to move out of my present property as my ex- partner wanted the property back and the mortgage was in their name. I had nowhere to go and did not know what to do. I have a physical disability and was referred for an OT assessment by my support worker with a social housing group.

“with the help from Gail at Middlesbrough Support for All, a housing application was completed on the housing website. I also provided identification and then Gail went with me to see the homeless team at the housing provider to advise them of my situation. Again, after a lot of help from Gail, I was placed on a medical band 1 as I required a ground floor adapted property with a wet room for my physical disability.

“I was also advised by my support worker, Gail of the Severe Disability Premium that I am entitled to and which I hadn’t claimed and we applied for that. I am now in receipt of the Severe Disability Premium, which has made a big difference. Gail helped me place a bid on a bungalow and I was offered a viewing and accepted the property. It meets all my physical needs and it has a wet room and is in a lovely area.

DISC worker Gail Hill said: “A was really low. A felt suicidal and did not know which way to turn, when I visited A initially. They have come so far now and are ready to move to their new property. This is a fresh start and A is more determined and confident than before our support began.”

A added: “I now have a new lease of life and a reason for living, as I previously did not know which way to turn.”

SU no. MSFA 30207

Middlesbrough Support for All

Independent Living