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Back to You graduates’ sense of achievement

Back to You course is a springboard for people

North Yorkshire Horizons’ course tutor Chris Crowe speaks about how the Back to You course raises people’s self esteem, fosters friendships and is a springboard from which to move forward.

“For some of these people this is the first sense of achievement they’ve had for a very, very long time. so it;s all about self esteem, it’s all about that feeling that I’ve accomplished something and this is a really good spring board to move forward from.

“And for anybody who’s been to a back to you graduation that we have here, they will get that sense of fun and companionship and friendship because the courses run over a ten week period – it’s a long time – so what you have are these people coming together week on week, building relationships, many of which are shared way beyond the end of the course. People stay in touch, they meet for coffee they meet up.

Every back to you course is different.

Chris Crowe

North Yorkshire Horizons