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Humankind's Challenging Youth Racism project young ambassador

Young ambassador Amy Dolphin

"I started with the CYR project in February 2017 when I completed the ambassador training. When completed, I was awarded a certificate and given the role of hate crime ambassador in which the main responsibilities are to challenge, educate and report any incidents within school or the community around hate crime.

 I was also keen to continue working with the CYR team and attend any further learning opportunities that were offered to me. In May 2017, I attended an event in Middlesbrough at Teesside University where Akala, who is a known black rapper spoke about his experiences growing up, and black history.

 In February 2018 I attended the oriental museum, Durham with the project to take part in a two hour workshop. This consisted of a guided tour of the museum and artefact handling. In March 2018 I attend a workshop about the children under the Nazis and saw through photos and information about what children went through during the Holocaust.

Then in October 2018, I spoke at the Challenging Youth Racism celebration conference. This was a great opportunity for me to share my journey with the project and how the project has helped me.

I believe working with this project has helped me understand and gain further knowledge of different cultures and beliefs and how people have had to struggle through their lives and the challenges they have faced. It has inspired me to learn more about other aspects of the law and has taught me to respect everyone.

It has made me more passionate about changing people’s perceptions and getting rid of the myths that we are led to believe. It has made me so much more confident in speaking to new people and it has helped me make informed decisions based on facts not fiction.

The CYR team are so passionate and it is obvious they want to make a difference in the work they do and I believe it is a true necessity in our world today. I am now in sixth form and one thing I am studying is criminology. If I had not completed this programme I would not have had previous knowledge on the topics that are now helping me in this course.

The CYR project has made me realise that everybody in society needs to be educated on the world around them and what is right and wrong." 

Kelly McClay, of Challenging Youth Racism says: "I have worked with Amy throughout the project and have seen her confidence grow and also her knowledge. 

"Her passion and drive is amazing and her kind words at our conference made me feel happy and proud. Not seeing her journey but also how through our project we have helped her with skills and knowledge for the future."