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I am very happy and settled in my new flat

I was living in a private rented bedsit with one very small heater. I had already been there through one winter and it was freezing cold. I did not want to face another winter there.

I began support with Gail and on my first appointment we contacted Thirteen Group for my log-in details and we went onto the Compass Website and placed two bids on suitable flats. Within a week I had viewed and accepted a flat with social housing.

I had no furniture and no white goods for my flat. Gail and I completed an online Community Support application and I am pleased to say that they visited me at my new flat and I was awarded a fridge, cooker, a washing machine, table and chairs, a couch and a voucher for bedding.

A massive difference

When I think about how I am now compared to before, it is a massive difference; I am very happy and settled in my new flat.

I am attending the jobcentre every week and attending various courses to help me get into employment, this is my next goal which I hope to achieve. I am at present volunteering for Teesside Hospice which I thoroughly enjoy.

William Richardson, Middlesbrough Support For All, 37631

Humankind worker comments - To see William so happy and settled in his lovely warm flat is great, a positive success for William and his future.