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I feel like I have my own sanity back

Lila Mayo  β€“ Middlesbrough Support for All

"I was living with (another person) but was desperate to get my own place. It was mental torture, I was getting no peace and was hardly sleeping; my depression and anxiety was getting worse.

I was receiving support from My Sisters Place for DV and they referred me to Humankind. I began support with Gail and she took me to Thirteen Group to explain my living situation and I was given a priority band 1 for housing.  Gail placed a bid on a ground floor flat and I was so lucky to be offered a viewing and  I viewed and accepted the flat; it was in the area where I wanted to live.  I have now moved into my new flat and it also meets my physical needs. 

As well as my mental health being low, I was also physically unwell, due to the pains in my feet.

I feel like I have my own sanity back, I feel free and happy and physically, my health has improved.  I do not now feel tired all the time or depressed or anxious every day, I feel privileged.  I am so grateful to Gail for all her support."

Gail Hill, of Middlesbrough Support for All, said: β€œLila is so very happy in her own flat. She is so much more relaxed now.

β€œShe has made the flat beautiful and I am so proud of her.”