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I had structure, various forms of therapy, opportunities and best of all hope

Thomas Delaney talks about his experience with Barnsley Recovery Steps

“I’d describe my compulsion to use drugs as a way of self-medicating; an obsession with trying to numb the pain I suffered throughout my traumatic childhood, adolescence & adult life. After a serious addiction with ketamine, I finally hit rock bottom.

“I made a conscious decision to seek the help I needed. I found Barnsley Recovery Steps. I called them up and they arranged a meeting… they allocated a Key Worker who supported me throughout an initial treatment programme which was called ‘Steps to Recovery’.

“A group of us in the programme visited a Phoenix Futures Treatment Centre in Liverpool which was great. I knew that there was a Rehab Treatment Centre in Glasgow which for me was perfect.  I wanted to get as far away as physically possible to sort my issues out and create a new and meaningful life.

“I entered rehab on the 2nd November 2018, I worked on myself relentlessly. Inside I had structure, various forms of therapy, opportunities and best of all hope, and I’ve now relocated to Glasgow.

“Personally, I believe being clean isn’t enough, you need to find a passion and purpose, because of this I’m in the process of setting up my own social enterprise business. I add growth to my recovery by volunteering with organisations such as Elevate, Phoenix Futures, Fire & Peace Recovery and Faces & Voices of Recovery. 

“Recovery is possible for everyone and anyone but only if you truly want it, only if you truly wish to change. I'm not going to say giving up drugs was easy but I will say this; Recovery was by far the greatest, most empowering and loving thing I have ever done.  For the first time, I now have a choice, I’m in control of my destiny.”

Thomas recently appeared on LADbible where he deeply discusses his rehabilitation, how drugs affected him and how he dealt with it to ultimately emerge stronger: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u8HP4nwr9Qs

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