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I will always be grateful

My mental health was very poor, I was struggling to maintain my tenancy, and I was having suicidal thoughts, self-harming and felt that it was hopeless to carry on, I could not see a future. Adult Social Care became involved and after completing an assessment agreed that I was struggling to cope with multiple issues and they referred me to the Middlesbrough Support for All Service for support.

I was relieved when the Humankind worker that came out to complete sign up paperwork and to explain how the service can help me because I recognised the worker (Bill) who provided me with housing support approximately five years prior to the support, and after a few minutes in his company I found I could relax and open up to him.


My family and other people linked to my family were taking money and possessions from me, local youths who knew of my vulnerability would stop me in the street and take money shopping etc from me, contract phones would be ordered by others and bills were put in my name, I was so frightened that I would not leave my flat.

Bill completed a safeguarding alert with me contacting Adult Social Care to explain what was going on and after assessment I received support from two ladies once a week. One lady helped with the cleaning in my flat because of my physical disability and the other lady would do my shopping and pay my domestic bills which dramatically reduced the exploitation by local youths. Bill helped me to get counselling from Cruise Bereavement Counselling Services, and also helped me to contact and get support from MIND, and both services were really helpful.

Settled well

Bill supported me to contact the police and after much encouragement I blurted out everything that was happening and the Police visited and warned my family. Thirteen Housing Group became involved and they liaised with Bill, and the local Police Liaison Officer, and eventually a one bedroom flat was sourced in a nice area of Coulby Newham away from perpetrators.

I have settled really well at my new accommodation now and will leave my flat when my mental health is good and walk to Tesco which is about one mile from my flat, I will do my own shopping pay my bills that are not on direct debit and look round the shopping centre. If someone had told me a year ago that I would be able to do this I would think they were mad. My quality of life is excellent now and I will always be grateful to everyone involved in helping me to turn my life around.

Middlesbrough Support For All SU number 31476