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Moved from caravan and into a job

Service User T

“Before getting support from Humankind, I didn’t claim Job Seekers’ Allowance or Universal Credit but received housing benefit.

I lived off housing benefit as I did not realise it was for rent. So ended up owing £930 rent arrears to landlady. I lived in a static caravan in very rural area approx. five miles north of York.

Caravan had no heating or hot water and landlady would not move me to a better one until rent arrears cleared. My Humankind Support Worker helped me to claim UC which took weeks before first payment made.

“I had no computer to do online. I was helped to get food parcels and emergency North Yorkshire Local Assistance Fund to help me whilst no income. I was also helped to registere on North Yorkshire Home Choice housing list. A Discretionary Housing Payment was applied for and it cleared by rent arrears. I then attained the gold band priority rating on NYHC.

“Got support in obtaining flat in Thirsk. Support Worker helped me move. Then found full time employment as Window Fabricator.”

Humankind worker, Nicky Scott listed the help given the this service user:

  • Helped to claim UC
  • Liaised with Landlady
  • Registered on Choice Based Lettings.
  • DHP completed for financial help towards rent arrears.
  • Liaised with Housing Options and moved to gold band.
  • Referred to SSAFA/RAFA re help towards removal costs and other.
  • Nylafs and food parcels throughout support.
  • Advice and guidance to enhance employment prospects.
  • Support to bid on CBL and secured Broadacres tenancy.
  • Transport and accompany to appointments
  • Helped with removal
  • Set up tenancy re utilities, payment plans, DWP, change of circs/address
  • Showed pay points in Thirsk and took for curtains, pole etc.
  • Increased self esteem and confidence as support needs were being met.
  • Independence
  • Secured full time job through moving to Thirsk.

She said the Service user’s needs had been met in the following ways –

  • Confidence
  • Optimistic
  • Motivated to obtain work
  • Managing own budget and tenancy
  • New skills being used and developed in new job.
  • Moved to new area and adjusting accordingly.
  • Self confidence.
  • Income received
  • Job gained
  • Permanent tenancy obtained

SU number HAM29251

Homeless Prevention Service – Hambleton area