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My confidence is much higher due to the support I have received

Neil has suffered dyspraxia from birth. People who have dyspraxia often find the routine tasks of daily life such as driving, household chores, cooking and grooming difficult. They can also find coping at work is hard. People with dyspraxia usually have a combination of problems, including gross motor co-ordination skills (large movements) and poor balance.

Neil explained that he had not had a paid job since leaving school and had been on several Projects aimed at giving him work experience but had not been retained by employers into paid work. He had obtained a GNVQ in Information Technology at college some 10 years ago but had not used those skills in paid work.

Neil explained that he was low in confidence due to not having engaged in any activity for some considerable time and felt that any support he could get would be a great help to him so he decided to sign up to the Moving On Tyne & Wear Programme and work with his Navigator on exploring his options. Neil had taken steps to apply for jobs but felt his disability put him at a disadvantage and that he had not had a paid job since leaving school

Neil was interested in getting more experience in IT but was unsure about how he could gain further skills. Given that his IT skills were gained over 10 years ago, it was suggested that he could refresh his skills at a local Project in South Shields. Neil was keen on doing this as he would meet new people and felt having a structured programme would improve his low confidence.

His Navigator accompanied Neil to the Action Stations Project and met with the course leader who suggested courses suitable for Neil. I made her aware of Neil’s disability and the support he would need on any course he may attend. Neil opted to start a basic IT Skills course for 2 hours per week. Neil was pleased he would also receive support in payment of his travelling expenses.

After attending for 4 weeks his course leader contacted his Navigator and explained that Neil’s IT Skills were indeed too advanced for his current course and he had agreed to move to a more advanced course on a different day. Neil was delighted with this and explained that his confidence was increasing, particularly his interaction with others. Neil appreciated the time to chat with his Navigator and express his thoughts and ideas for the future.

After 4 weeks of attending the advanced IT course, Neil’s Course Leader contacted his Navigator to explain that his progress was excellent and that they were so pleased with his skills and progress that they would like to offer Neil a position as a Volunteer Mentor which would involve teaching IT skills to others on both the Basic and Advanced IT Courses. Neil was delighted at this and was so pleased that he had been recognised for his efforts.

Neil received training in supporting people with little IT experience and also how to follow the course curriculum and assist course attenders to achieve new skills. The Project agreed to take over the payment of Neil’s travelling expenses which had been a concern for him. Further discussions with the project and Navigator have led to consideration of the Project exploring funding options to allow Neil to attend college to learn skills in teaching adults (PTLLS) and this has motivated Neil in his current role

Neil is now fully supported by his Project and continues in his role. Neil has made some very positive comments about the advice and guidance he received from his Navigator including how his confidence levels have massively improved, something his Work Coach in Jobcentre Plus has also commented on. Neil has felt valued in his time on Moving On Tyne & Wear and appreciates the time, support and respect given to him and at being treated equally in being given the opportunity to prove his worth.

Neil said: “My Navigator gave me excellent Advice and Guidance on how to get new skills. My confidence is much higher due to the support I have received.”