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My worker has gone the extra mile

“I was told about Humankind by my carer. I was living in a flat and had not been here long. I wanted help with everything.

I was so mixed up and confused and wanted someone to listen to my problems. One of my children died of cot death and the other of Leukaemia. My husband left me after 20 years and my mam has dementia. I had no one who was around to support me.

I decided to visit the office and a lady explained the organisation, I needed help and was very emotional, the lady promised someone would look at my case and they would be in touch.

A relief

Since then it has been a relief. Alec arrived like a shining light.

I was referred wanting to move but I often change my mind and I wanted someone to discuss this with me. Myself and Alec agreed I was happy where I am, the property just needed some adaptations to help me. Alec’s first job was to get me an Occupational Therapist assessment which got me my buzzer, rails and mat. The adaptations made me feel more independent.

Financially I had a few worries. I moved into this property from another council property and was told I could have two weeks free rent at my new home, unfortunately this was not the case and I was charged £600 rent which included a charge for keys on my previous property. Alec phoned the housing provider and disputed the arrears and said I was badly informed. They agreed to reduce the arrears to £200. We set up a payment plan and I’m now debt free with the council.

Twice a year I receive a DWP telephone interview regarding my health. The interview took an hour and often made me anxious. Alec informed them of my health issues and they agreed to stop calling me. It made me feel so happy, no one understands something so little could cause a massive impact on my health. Alec did.

Ready to listen and support

Sometimes I purchase household goods impulsively. I had bought two TVs which I didn’t need but I was adamant that I wanted them. Alec spoke to the company who sells them and it became clear that I had purchased various items from them in the past. Alec advised the organisation to discuss any further purchases with me before accepting the credit. It became clear at this point that I was having difficulties with my memory as I had purchased things I could not remember. Alec at this point referred me to the memory clinic.

I had an operation on my brain which caused a tremor in my hands. I have had counselling down south and they have done nothing. They told me to “get on with it” with regard to my hands. Alec got involved and has gone the extra mile and got me the support I needed.

Alec has always been ready to listen and support me. He attends appointments with me and when I can’t understand all the big words Alec puts it in a way I can.

I don’t think I would have got this far without Alec’s help. I would give him a medal if I could, he deserves it for putting up with me.”

Ann Walker Service Middlesbrough Support for All User,35383

Humankind worker comments - It’s been my absolute pleasure to assist Ann with all the problems she has clearly been suffering from over the years. I came into this line of work to help people and the job satisfaction I feel after listening to Ann describe what we’ve done together means the world to me. She’s a wonderful woman who needed help and I’m glad myself and Humankind were there to give it.