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Olive, a support worker at Moving On Tyne and Wear

Olive has worked for [Humankind] as a Support Worker in the Innovation Project as part of the  Moving On Tyne and Wear project since April 2017. The Innovation Project supports people aged 50+ across Tyne and Wear who are out of work due to complex health issues and other barriers to get back into training, volunteering, or employment.

What is the innovation Project?

The innovation project across South Tyneside will support and empower individuals with long term health conditions who are over 50 to manage their health condition more effectively, gain new skills or develop existing skills and address health and social barriers with the ultimate aim of assisting and supporting those currently unemployed into volunteering, training, peer mentoring or employment.

The Innovation Project will offer;

  • Bespoke learning opportunities to live a healthier life whilst managing a Long Term Health Condition
  • 1-2-1 and group support
  • Health/Care Plans for individuals to move forward and reach positive outcomes
  • Access and referrals to other appropriate services and groups
  • Activities and Events
  • Peer mentor support from others with Long term health conditions
  • Peer mentoring opportunities (including training)
  • Volunteering opportunities (including training)
  • Empowerment for the participant

The Project will recruit Volunteers and Peer Mentors who have experiences of long term health conditions, in order to draw upon their skills and experiences to help support those in their local community and engaging with the Project. They will be provided with training, support and development opportunities through our Peer Mentor training programme and will be supported and managed through our Peer mentor Co-ordinator based in South Tyneside.

As well as supporting participants on the Project, we aim to raise awareness of the barriers faced by people aged 50+ with a long term health condition in order to help develop services in the future and want your help in shaping the future!

Olive states:

‘My role is so rewarding.  Providing participants with suitable information advice and guidance, this, coupled with individualised support from myself and our partners ensures our participants become the best that they can be’.

Can we support you?

To find out more about the project please visit the MOTW website:


If you are interested in how Moving On Tyne & Wear could help you, please get in touch.