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Paul’s animation tribute to service

Paul is a client of Step Forward Tees Valley and has created a superb animation capturing the thoughts of fellow service users about their experiences with the project.

Paul says…

“I’d been a participant of Step Forward Tees Valley for a few months, looking at volunteering and other things that may have been useful to me. Meanwhile, me and my dad were looking into software that we could use to produce some 3D animation for ourselves, but then we thought it might be nice to offer our time and effort in producing something for Step Forward. They took us up on our offer and the animation you’ve seen was our very first attempt at a fully 3D animation.

It was the coincidental combination of me and my dad looking at and talking about 3D animation at home, whilst at the same time talking to Lisa at Step Forward about volunteering,that formed the idea.

Hopefully we created something of value that other people, upon viewing it, may actually think and care about. The fact that it’s got a good response from people has been really encouraging.

Now that the animation has been positively received and had some interest from other parties it was obviously worth the effort. It’s probably not the usual way SFTV go about helping people, but it does go to show how helpful and imaginative they’re willing to be.

Working with SFTV, animating the words of some of their clients, it’s clear that they have the ability to offer support, help and even some hope to people who can find themselves feeling very much alone and in difficult circumstances.

I would say watch the animation, get a sense of the appreciation felt by people who’ve already been helped by them and, if you want to see if they can help you, check out their website, phone them up and if they’re in a position to help you they most certainly will.”

Lisa Metcalf, Team Leader at the project said: “We support people with a range of barriers, to help improve confidence and self-esteem with the ultimate aim to bring people closer to the labour market.

“It is a delight to be part of our participants’ journey, and watch them grow from strength to strength.

“Paul has become an asset to SFTV, in producing this fantastic promotional video, and I look forward to seeing him go on to bigger things.”

For more information about Paul and his animations, please visit his website here.

He is keen to work with more charities.


Step Forward Tees Valley is funded by the European Social Fund and the Big Lottery through the National Lottery.