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Service User Bernice says she’s back to being herself

I’m pleased with myself. I’m glad I’ve done it

Back to You graduate Bernice

How were you when you first came to North Yorkshire Horizons?

“Very low, very low self esteem but then I met people that were in the same place as me and I felt a bit better with myself.

What was it about the Back to You course that seemed to help?

I don’t feel alone. There’s other people feeling the same as me going through what I’m going through. I’m not on my own any more.

What does that mean to you in your recovery?

It means such a lot. It means everything to me. It really has helped me.”

Have you been able to help other people?

“I hope so. I’ve got a friend who is going through the same as me. We can relate to each other. We talk to each other so yeah., I’m hoping we’re helping each other. Not I’m helping her – that we’re helping each other. I’m pleased with myself. I’m glad I’ve done it. I just wish it would go on for longer.

“Definitely give it a go. Definitely, you will get so much out of it. not just for yourself but for everybody. It’s just, it’s life changing. or it has been for me anyway. I’m a different me, now. I’m back to me. It’s not back to you, it’s back to me.”

Bernice Briggs,

North Yorkshire Horizons service user