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Settled and happy in her new home

Darlington Support for All

At referral

DS was referred to the service by Housing Plus, she had arrears with rent and council tax and wanted to move accommodation due to flashbacks of an attack that happened in the property. DS was using alcohol as a coping mechanism. DS also had a history of self-harm and suicidal thoughts.

Support needs were identified at the point of referral:

  • Support to find alternative accommodation
  • Support to address and reduce debts; council tax and rent
  • Alcohol dependency
  • Mental health including self-harm and suicidal thoughts

DS was supported to make a compass application to register for alternative accommodation, and was subsequently supported to bid for suitable properties. DS attended Humankind Tenancy Ready Training to improve her awareness of both housing options and how to manage a tenancy effectively.

Levels of debt were determined, re-payment plans made and a budget plan drawn up due to ongoing issues with money management.

Referral made to NECA for support with alcohol misuse and support provided to maintain engagement with NECA. A referral was also made to the Dolphin Centre Hub for Move More Activities. Due to ongoing mental health issues a referral was made to West Park and DS was supported through the referral process for The Centre for counselling. DS also attended some training sessions at Mind.

Support provided

DS was supported to secure alternative housing with the Council and an application to the Social Fund was successful for both moving costs and carpets. DS was supported with the moving process and the set-up of her new home.

DS was keen to return to paid employment at some point but needed support with confidence building and being ‘job ready’, therefore a referral was made to the Morrisons Trust. DS attended training, sessions on CV writing, job clubs as well as making applications for voluntary work.

A referral back to Housing plus was made as part of the exit strategy to ensure focus remains on maintaining her tenancy.

Meeting client’s needs

  • Alternative suitable accommodation sourced and maintained, DS settled and happy in her new home
  • Both council tax and rent arrears cleared and now debt free
  • Improved money management skills
  • Improved awareness of how to manage her tenancy
  • Engaging with NECA and addressing alcohol use
  • Attending Counselling
  • Improved confidence and self esteem
  • Closer to the job market as a result of attending work related training / activities
  • No further incidents of self-harm or suicidal thoughts.