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The help I got was flawless

“I was feeling depressed with no way out. Got told about your organisation as a last resort as all doors were being shut in my face. With help from Olivia after a big struggle, obviously something come good and the outcome was successful.

The situation was bad at the start and now there’s a door to open and the future is more bright with the idea of somewhere to live for me and my daughter.

The help was flawless, couldn’t fault it. If I ever had a problem again I’d refer again. Olivia bent over backwards for me and did a lot of things I couldn’t have done myself.

I can’t fault the service and would recommend to anyone. The outcome brought me back to myself, on the road to recovery due to Humankind and the help I received.

It was a weight of my shoulder, like winning the lottery, a big lift, something to look forward to.”

Name withheld Middlesbrough Support For All 35594

Humankind worker comments – “Client had been reporting ongoing anti-social behaviour for one year and was reaching out for help but getting nowhere. This impacted greatly on the relationship he was able to have with his daughter and on his own mental health.

After a programme of support and facing various battles we got the outcome we wanted and now he is in a good position to source accommodation and is receiving support around his health.

It was important that we exhausted every avenue to get the outcome we needed. There were times where as a professional, doors were also closed and options were running out.

Unfortunately my client’s mental health was impacted negatively due to the issues he was facing. However he is now receiving the support he needs around his health and he is in the best positon he could be in for a move to suitable accommodation.”