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They really do give you the help you need

"I was alcohol dependent for over 25 years of my life which I lived in London. I knew I had problem and had to seek advice to tackle this issue so I came home to Middlesbrough to be close to my Family and Friends so they could support me and point me in the right direction to begin my rehabilitation to be alcohol free.

"I registered with a new GP Surgery and had appointment with GP who arranged for me to be put forward for detox program. Once I started the detox programme, it was identified that I need support around my housing needs as I was sofa surfing between my family and friends. A referral was completed to DISC Support for All.

"Well this is my experience I started working with Claire I wasn’t sure what [Humankind] could do as I have always had a mortgage and my own property and never been in this situation before I didn’t know what to do.  I registered myself with local housing service and Claire advised on what i.d. was needed. Once my account was active myself and Claire started bidding for properties I was successful for council flat property where [Humankind] helped me to set up my home and be more stable.

They really do give you the help you need from them. Just be honest and gave them a chance you have nothing to loss and everything to gain.

Carl Smith, Middlesbrough Support for All, 29837

Humankind worker comments: "It is important for the client to be able to move and settle into their home. When the client came to the service he was wanting support with local housing service, I supported the client with settling into the property and setting up household bills. I also supported the client with applying for grants for bedding and bed to set up his new home."