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Vulnerability reduced, improved relationships with friends and family

Darlington Intensive Mental Health Floating Support and Housing Advice

At point of referral

Self-referral from a client who was an inpatient on Elm Ward, the client was on the Ward on a voluntary basis after a mental health breakdown. The client had suffered with poor mental health for many years and was diagnosed with Bi-polar.

The client was in employment and at the point of the referral was off sick and in receipt of sick pay. Client felt that she was unable to return to her current job. The client had a private rented tenancy which she planned to return to.

The client had strained relationships with her daughters one of whom was living with client as a joint tenant but she was planning to move into her own flat and the other living out of area. The client was not involved with Mental Health services prior to hospital admission.

Needs identified:

  • Financial support needed around establishing benefit entitlement and applying for benefits, including housing benefit.
  • Support to liaise with employer
  • Support to return home
  • Support to liaise with the landlord to change the tenancy to a sole tenancy
  • Support to improve life skills and maintain her tenancy
  • Support to engage with mental health professionals
  • Improvement of family relationships

Support provided

As a priority support was provided to make applications for Housing and Council Tax benefit, Personal Independence Payment and Employment and Support Allowance to help provide financial stability and reduce clients anxiety. Client was also supported to contact HMRC regarding outstanding debt and a re-payment plan was agreed.

Client was supported to return to her home and make contact with the landlord requesting changes to the tenancy due to her daughter moving out. Client was also supported to draw up a budget based on new income and work was done with client around money management.

Client was supported to liaise with employer around employment issues, which eventually resulted in the termination of her employment which all parties felt was the right outcome.

Support was provided to facilitate engagement with Mental Health services, GP and a Dietician, this was done initially by going along with client to appointments until she was comfortable in the appointments. Client was also supported to contact identified family members and friends and start to rebuild relationships with the aims of building a support network around the client and avoiding isolation.

It was identified during support that the client was being financial exploited by a family member and she was supported to put measures into place to prevent future exploitation.

Low self-esteem was identified as a support area and someone to one work was carried out to identify underlying reasons. Client was informed of the meaningful activity sessions ran by the service and others but initially did not feel ready to attend, however shortly after support commenced these were discussed again and she was supported to attend the DISC art and crafts session and gardening project at West Park. Towards the latter stages of support client wanted to explore and get involved in leisure activities which she was supported to do.

Intensive one to one support within the client’s home.

Housing Benefit and council tax benefit now being paid which reduced financial stress.


Awarded PIP high level care and ESA in support group and receiving severe disability premium.

Debt reduced and an affordable repayment programme agreed with HMRC

The client became involved in a gardening project at West Park Hospital and attended DISC group activities which helped improve self esteem

Appointed a CPN and the client is engaging well, she is compliant with medication and reports an improvement in her mental health.

Improved relationship with family and now meets with friends every week.

Due to the financial support the client is now able to afford to stay in current property on her own which had a positive impact on her mental health

Vulnerability reduced

Client getting regular physical activity – gardening and walking dog.

SU ref number 25718