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You have nothing to lose and everything to gain

Helped by Middlesbrough Support for All

"I have been down the wrong road too many times. Yes, prison and all -  that’s bad. My name is X. I’m that person and now in my old age, I had one sentence too many.  Leaving me with nothing left, nowhere to go. So what am I going to do? I asked for help and someone put me on to a place called [Humankind]. Me not having anything whatsoever to lose, I said, yes not really believing [Humankind] will do anything for me.

"Well this is my experience. I started with them when I was out of prison 4 weeks. I saw a support worker and this is what they done for me  - got me somewhere to call home and supported me for the last two years.

"Claire has helped me get to where I am today, in my new council flat and [Humankind] helped me to finish it and make me more stable. They really do give you the help you need from them. Just be honest and give them a chance you have nothing to loss and everything to gain."

Claire Healy, [Humankind] worker, says: "It is important for the client to be able to move and settle into their home.

"When the client came to the service, he was wanting support with the local housing service as had previously had an application in, but was unable to bid for properties due to his previous offending history.

I supported the client with speaking to the local housing service, regarding being able to bid for suitable accommodation. Client had to complete an offending history with the local housing service and then was able to bid for accommodation, after which he was successful in securing a one bedroom flat.

"I supported the client with settling into the property and setting up household bills. I also supported the client with applying for grants for carpet and cooker to set up his new home.

"I’m glad I have been able to help making this client’s life more secure and stable."

SU number MSFA 28324