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Young client is helped to begin new life in her own home

Darlington Positive Support Pathway

At the point of referral

The young person was referred to our dispersed accommodation as she was in need of accommodation due to a planned discharge from a Hospital. The client was 17 years old, she had been involved with mental health services at an early age and suffered with an eating disorder, which is why she was admitted to hospital over a year prior to her planned discharge. The client had a complex relationship with her family and it was identified she would not be able to return to the family home as it would be detrimental to her recovery.  Humankind worked closely with the Council, Social Services and Mental Health services at the point of referral to ensure the client had a planned discharge from Hospital into accommodation.

Support needs identified at the point of referral:

  • To secure accommodation, due to AP’s age options were limited and a guarantor was needed
  • Intensive support needed with a phased discharge from hospital
  • To develop independent living skills
  • Support needed to reduce social isolation
  • Support to participate in education
  • To liaise with all agencies involved and encourage AP to fully engagement
  • Support regarding mental and physical health
  • Support to increase self esteem
  • Support to maintain current accommodation and explore move on options when ready
  • To obtain secure accommodation

The support provided

Humankind worked alongside multiple agencies prior to support commencing to ensure the correct package of support was in place for the client, working closely with Social Services to obtain a guarantor and an agreeing a phased discharged plan from Hospital.

The client was given intensive support to transition from hospital, which was out of area into our dispersed accommodation in Darlington. During that time the client was supported to develop her independent living skills in order to maintain her first tenancy. Work focused around budgeting, financial support and basic tenancy requirements such as understanding a tenancy agreements, setting up of utilities, cleaning rotas and food shopping.

The client was supported to apply for benefits and manage them by encouraging her to contact PIP direct to resolve queries around late or none payment of benefits.

The client was supported regarding her mental health, she was supported to attend multi-agency meetings regarding her support with her Community Psychiatric Nurse and Social Worker. The client’s support had been transferred from out of area to Darlington and support was given from Humankind to encourage engagement with the new worker. The client was also supported to doctor’s appointments to organise her medication and she was encourage to register with a dentist

Support also focused around reducing social isolation, increasing the client’s confidence and self-esteem. The client was involved with service user groups by attending the Young People specialism group during support. She was encourage to increase her network of friends and access social activities. The client was also supported to look at her education options and to apply for her desired college course in Travel and Tourism.

When the client felt ready we began the process of sourcing secure accommodation. She was supported to set a compass account up with the council this meant that she could bid on suitable properties on a weekly basis, we also looked at alternative private properties in various areas of County Durham as the client wanted to explore her options. The client was successful and obtained her own council tenancy with Darlington as an introductory tenant. The client was further supported to set up this tenancy, signing for the tenancy, applying for housing benefit, setting up bills and direct debits. Budgeting plans have also been created with the client which she follows on a weekly basis.

Meeting her needs

  • Successful transition from Hospital to Humankind dispersed accommodation
  • Development of independent living skills, AP now has the ability to manage an maintain a tenancy
  • AP has the knowledge and skills to manage her money including resolving benefit queries and ensuring all bills are paid on time
  • Enrolled on desired college course, enjoying her studies and it is forecasted that AP will have no problems archiving her qualifications
  • Increased confidence, self-esteem and supported to participate in local groups and access meaningful activities
  • Better management of mental health, AP has not relapsed with regards to her eating disorder is compliant with medication which has resulted in her being discharged by Secondary Care services
  • Fully engaged with services involved regarding her health
  • AP has now obtained secure accommodation which is has settled into and maintaining on her own

Service User Ref 27477