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Michael Wells

Director of Quality & Performance

Professional Background & Relevant Experience

I began my career within floating support services for Places for People, supporting clients to sustain their tenancies, addressing a range of needs including mental health and substance misuse problems. I developed a passion for ensuring that services provided to often very vulnerable clients are delivered to an excellent standard. Since joining Humankind in 2007, I have continued to apply this passion to my work, developing professionally with Humankind through delivery of quality and performance initiatives at service, directorate, and most recently organisational level.

How I Came to Work at Humankind

Before joining Humankind, I worked for Places for People, within floating support and supported accommodation services. I started my career at Humankind when they launched two large floating support services in Lancashire, I successfully applied to become the Quality and Performance Manager of the service, monitoring and supporting improvement of the 13 providers sub-contracted to deliver the service.

What I Enjoy About Working at Humankind

It’s both exciting and rewarding heading Humankind’s quality and performance function. I feel very fortunate to lead Humankind’s Quality Team, with skilled, committed and passionate members of the team based across Humankind’s services. I have experienced significant professional development working for Humankind, and value very much working within the organisation as we continue to grow and provide excellent services to many thousands of clients each year.