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Sophie Fox

Professional background & relevant experience

After a variety of roles including recruitment, HR, midwifery training and IAG, I discovered my motivations lie in the third sector, supporting vulnerable people to reach their full potential. I’ve since spent a wonderful 8 years’ working in charity business development.

How did you come to work for Humankind?

My first third sector role was as a Bid Writer for a national social care organisation and as a (not very) secret geek I loved always learning something new due to the fast pace of change within the sector. I joined Humankind in January 2016 after 4 years’ business development experience in health and social care. I was interested in Humankind in particular because of the breadth of Humankind’s multi-thematic offer and its vision of fair chances for all.

 What do you enjoy about working for Humankind?

It’s difficult to pin down one thing I enjoy about working for Humankind but I’ve managed to narrow it down to a few (in no particular order!): 

1) The variety my role brings – there are different challenges daily 

2) Seeing what our amazing service users can achieve with the right support 

3) Experiencing first-hand the skills and dedication of our inspirational staff 

4) The strength and co-operation of our senior leaders – it’s a fantastic support network working together and helping each other to achieve our goals.