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Humankind charity’s positive impact across its services

A new report has highlighted how Humankind charity services are creating fairer chances for more people than ever.

The 2018/19 Humankind Impact Report, which is released today, details the expanding national organisation’s support for over 28,000 people.

Humankind Chief Executive Officer, Paul Townsley, said: “The range and scale of our health and social care services is impressive and humbling for me as CEO.

“Over the last three years, the size and scale of what we provide has exceeded our expectations and we are pleased to report that the most vulnerable in the communities we serve are the focus of this growth and expansion.

And he added: “We have a deliberate strategy of creating ‘fairer chances for all’ through the development of a range of partnership services, delivering services where there is the most need.”

The charity, which has 1,100 staff and around 100 volunteers, works alongside its many partner organisations to provide integrated services.

It has embedded its stated values of being honest, committed and inventive. It also has a programme of working together with people who use its services to continually improve its impact.

Humankind Impact Report 2018/19

at a glance

Organisation wide…

Last year, Humankind supported 28,135 people across our services. We retained 92% of our current service contracts. We won 58% of the contracts and funding applications we applied for.

Our volunteers kindly gave 20,356 hours of their own time to support service users – that’s 55.7 hours every single day of the year!

Children, young people and family services.

Our ‘Children, Young People and Families’ services were rated as 4.9 out of 5 by service users with 98% saying they would recommend our services to others.

Work & Skills

We supported 1,697 individuals within our “Work and Skills’ services.


Our housing service accommodated 515 vulnerable people with 334 new tenants. Every day, 5 clients are housed by our Housing services.

Independent living services.

3,132 people exited our services and were supported to achieve their desired outcomes. 2,049 were supported to develop confidence and the ability to have greater choice or control,1,117 to better manage their mental health, 1,020 to better manage their physical health and 884 to better manage their overall debt. A further 245 were supported to participate in training / education and 96 into employment.

Drug and alcohol recovery services.

19,466 people have been supported through our recovery services.

3,670 adults exited our services in a positive, planned way having achieved abstinence or reduced their substance use to safer limits.

To date, 573 Naloxone kits have been issued in Leeds, South Tyneside, North Yorkshire, Calderdale and Barnsley alone – with 34 kits being used and replaced – that’s 34 lives saved.

Criminal justice services.

We worked with 556 people who exited the service. A total of 4,021 people were maintaining independent living or progressing towards independent living at case closure. In all, 345 reported reducing offending and harm to others.