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90 years’ experience in supporting people to reach their full potential

As a newly merged organisation, we have combined 90 years’ experience in supporting people to reach their full potential. Our ethos of putting people first will not change as a merged organisation – in fact, it’s strengthened.

Humankind’s mission is to create services and support to meet people’s complex health and social needs. We want to help people build healthier lives that have meaning and value for themselves and their families.

We seek to maximize community access to accommodation, financial independence, jobs and training, leisure opportunities and the provision of appropriate services to meet individual needs. Here is Eve one of the people that we supported through an Education, Training and Employment service in London;

“The service gave me the confidence to apply for teacher training. I was full of fear and low self-esteem. I genuinely didn’t believe I was worthy enough to work with kids and to hold a position of such responsibility. They helped me build my confidence during my recovery and assisted me with the logistics of applying.”


We’re passionate about being the best that we can be, and we do this by keeping people at the heart of everything we do.     

Watch our animation for more information on our merger here or read the news story here here.