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Happy 70th birthday to the NHS

By our Medical Director, Dr Roya Vaziri, who is also a practising GP.

As a charity which specialises in creating services and support to meet people’s complex health and social needs, Humankind celebrates the 70th birthday of the NHS.

We work closely with our NHS colleagues in many of our services. Many of our staff members also work for the NHS. Our ties are strong and deep.

Humankind staff work with our NHS colleagues, examples such as delivering mental health care and support for service users and liaising with consultants in hospitals for our service users who need it.

In some services we provide an interface with NHS hospital A&E departments.

On a daily basis, in doctors’ surgeries, we value the care that all NHS staff from clinical to administration show to our service users.

We’ve all been patients of the NHS at one time or another and on a personal level, hopefully, we can all recount good interactions and have reason to celebrate this 70th birthday.

I am one of those at Humankind who also works for the NHS. I am indebted to the NHS for my training as a medical student, through my hospital specialities and my GP training. The Health Service has played a great part in my development as a practitioner in the role of Medical Director for Humankind.”