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Wearside workers celebrate success at Away Day

Humankind workers on Wearside attended a special Away Day at the National Glass Centre in Sunderland.

Clare Chambers, Humankind’s North East Director gave the opening address at the event to around 50 workers of Wear Recovery and Caring Changes Sunderland after an early morning breakfast of croissants, fruit and bacon sandwiches.

She told the them the two and a half year old service, which is a partnership between Northumberland, Tyne and Wear NHS Foundation Trust (NTW), Humankind and Changing Lives, had performed 1270 triages in the last year and supported 413 people with drug and alcohol issues to successfully compete their treatment.

Humankind Executive Director of Operations North East and North Yorkshire, Ted Haughey thanked workers for their tireless efforts to help clients over the past year.

Senior workers were asked to bring in something that represented their work.

Area Manager, Mel Scott, brought in a pack of batteries which she said represented the continued energy the staff bring to their roles. A reminder too they need to take care of themselves and recharge.

Lead Practitioner, Ashleigh Scott, brought along a plant to demonstrate the growth within the team. Madeleine Drummond, another lead practitioner, thanked the team for their resilience and did this with a weeble, as it never falls down.

Kate McKeown, Project Coordinator for Caring Changes, talked about the partnership between Wear Recovery and Caring Changes which was symbolised by an egg and egg cup.

And lead practitioner Claire Howard, celebrated the excellent team work across the year - her cuddly toy penguin, who like to flock together, showed the power of union and strength.

The team had made arrangements for an hour long presentation by members of the Hepatitis C Trust and by Humankind’s Sue Northcott, Programme Manager of West Yorkshire Finding Independence project.

Workers heard a series of short inspirational speeches, and split into teams to describe their roles in the style of a poem, a rap, a dance, a game, a TV advert or a fairy tale.

Mel Scott, Area Manager said: “We had staff presentations which were brilliant and included role play, posters, games, poems a cookery recipe and a rap.

“The team really got into the spirit of the day. We rounded off the day with a talk from The Personality Disorder Hub which was amazing. Staff were able to ask questions and now feel much better informed.”

And she added: “It is so important for us to take time out and show our dedicated workers that we appreciate what they do, day in day out.

“But also it is a chance to evaluate the year just gone, look ahead to the next twelve months and gain valuable knowledge from our guest speakers.”

Wear Recovery – last 12 months.

• 1270 triages completed from community referrals

• Alongside 99 criminal justice triages and 114 hospital triages

• 567 people supported to enter structured treatment

• An average active caseload of 756 primary drug clients

• An average active caseload of 350 primary alcohol clients

• A combined average active caseload of 1106 clients

• Supporting 413 people to successfully complete treatment