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Humankind celebrates its volunteers

Volunteers spoke movingly about their experiences at Humankind

Participants share their ‘emotional and inspiring’ stories at an event for Volunteers’ Week.

Volunteers spoke movingly about their experiences at Humankind at an event last week. They told a special Volunteers Event in Leeds how they have benefited from their involvement with the services they work at.

Volunteer Development Manager Ann Hall said: “Hearing volunteers stand up and speak about their journey is always a highlight for me and we were fortunate enough to hear from six volunteers this year. Their stories were emotional yet inspiring.”

Forward Leeds volunteer Cerys Griffiths who spoke at the event said: “Today’s been nice. To be around like-minded people, listening to other positive stories and to see how passionate everyone is about their volunteering. Through volunteering I feel like I finally belong somewhere. That I fit in and I have a purpose.”

Lee Fletcher who volunteers with Redbank Recovery Accommodation in Manchester said: “Today was really interesting and enjoyable. It’s good to meet other volunteers and share ideas. My favourite thing was meeting other volunteers, sharing ideas about our roles and talking about our pasts and our future.”

Ann said: “This year’s Volunteers Week event was another success. It was great to able to bring together volunteers from across our diverse services, seeing people make connections.

Almost 50 people attended the Volunteers’ Week event that was organised to acknowledge the contribution that Humankind’s volunteers make to its services. Humankind CEO Paul Townsley began the event with a short talk. The day involved a mindfulness session delivered by Louise Maidens of Forward Leeds, a printing workshop that will produce a collective piece of artwork and a presentation of certificates of recognition to the volunteers.

Sheila Warren a Practitioner from Investors in People (IIP) who attended the event said: “The personal stories have been inspiring and to me that really brings home the work that Humankind does.

“One of the key elements of IIP is how people are developed and progressed and hearing the stories of the volunteers shows how that is being done at Humankind, whether that is moving into paid employment or their own personal development.”

The event took place at Leeds Industrial Museum in Armley on Thursday 6 June. Volunteers from across Humankind were in attendance, with representation from Humankind Housing, South Tyneside Adult Recovery Service, County Durham Drug and Alcohol Recovery Service, Forward Leeds, Leeds DIP/IOM, Calderdale Recovery Steps, Redbank Recovery Accommodation in Manchester and WY-FI.

 As well as Paul Townsley a number of other senior members of Humankind attended including Trustee Chris Matthews Maxwell, Executive Director of Operations Sharon Daughter, Medical Director Roya Vaziri, Executive Director of Operations Anna Headley and Human Resources Director Kathryn Summerfield.