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Ange Walker has recently retired as the Deputy CEO of Humankind.

I would like to personally thank Ange Walker for all her excellent work in the health and social care field over the course of her distinguished career.

In particular, I would like to thank Ange for helping Humankind as our Deputy CEO and earlier, as a valued partner working with us as CEO of St Martin’s Healthcare Services, since 2008.

Ange has been instrumental in helping both Humankind and me develop and do well. When I retire and look back at my career, I’ll consider Ange a pivotal person. The merger with St Martin’s, which took place in June 2017, demonstrated fully how she put patients and staff before her own personal needs. Something which she has done repeatedly over the course of her career.

Merging non-clinical and clinical organisations together is challenging. As Deputy CEO, Ange led us in bringing together the two organisations’ corporate and clinical services.

We want to make sure that the full integration of our clinical services and the plans we have to implement our ambitious strategy are realised. Ange has done much to lay the foundations for this.

I had the pleasure of attending her leaving do in Leeds, where colleagues who worked with her over many years heard about her remarkable career, working in communities to deliver excellent health care services.

When I reflect on Ange’s achievements, I think of the communities across the North of England where St Martin’s and now Humankind have delivered essential services which did not previously exist for so many vulnerable people.

Ange is pioneering in her approach and this has required a need to challenge and stand up for what’s right. She has always worked in partnership and brought fun and humour in good measure, as well.

I’m sure that in the future, she will continue to help people like me in their careers and also organisations that help the most vulnerable people.

Thanks for everything, Ange. And best of luck in your retirement.

Paul Townsley,

Humankind Chief Executive Officer