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Humankind launches 2017/18 Impact Report

A new report shows the dedicated staff and volunteers at Humankind are making a sustained impact on the communities they serve.

The 2017/18 Humankind Impact Report, issued today, shows its services supported more than 23,000 people. It shows the organisation has grown by a fifth and nine out of ten of its 850 staff would recommend it as an employer.

The organisation’s Chief Executive Officer, Paul Townsley, said: “The dedicated workforce at Humankind make sure every single day that our integrated services make a real impact for the people and communities we serve. It’s clear we all genuinely share our vision of creating fair chances.”

And Paul writes in the report: “We are proud of the sustained impact we have had across the North East, Yorkshire and Humberside and the North West and have ambitious plans to develop our service and impact further in the next year.”

The report is a “rich narrative of how Humankind, our partners and service users have changed the areas we live in for the better”.

The 46 page report aims to explain the effect of the wide range of services Humankind services and highlight success in delivering those services, alongside partner organisations and service users.

The organisation, formerly called DISC, is one of the largest home grown charities in the North. As well as the growing staff numbers, it has around 150 volunteers.

Humankind recently completed a consultation of staff, volunteers, trustees and 500 service users to review its vision, mission and values.

Its specialist services include drug and alcohol, clinical, children, young people and families, health and wellbeing, employment, training and education, health and wellbeing, criminal justice and offender rehabilitation, gender specific and housing and housing support services.

And Paul added: “Right across all our services, we’re showing our honest commitment and inventiveness in bringing tailor made support to vulnerable people in our communities.

“We have worked hard to have a really great year, and we know we must move forward in the same way. I believe our shared vison makes the difference for our service users.”

You can read the report here.

At a glance…

The main points of the Impact Report

Organisation wide…

Last year, Humankind supported 23,407 people across our services. We retained 100% of our current service contracts. Won 57% of the contracts we tendered for and grew 22%.

An average of 155 volunteers across our services gave a total of 22,776 hours

Children, young people and family services.

Our ‘Children, Young People and Families’ services were rated as good or excellent by those using the service.

Education and training.

We supported 952 individuals within our “Education, Training and Employment’ services, which are rated by Ofsted as “Grade 1 Outstanding”, 95% of these using the service would recommend us to others.


Our housing service accommodated 367 vulnerable people and 216 people were supported to move into secure, permanent housing. 100% of tenants surveyed stated they would recommend Humankind Housing to others. Every day, 4 clients are housed by our Housing services.

Independent living services.

2,782 people exited our services and were successfully supported to achieve over 85% of their desired outcomes. 2,092 were supported to develop confidence and the ability to have greater choice or control, 908 to better manage their mental health, 835 to better manage their physical health and 833 to better manage their overall debt. A further 204 were supported to participate in training / education and 88 into employment.

Drug and alcohol recovery services.

13,937 people were supported through our recovery services and 2,355 Adults exited our services in a positive, planned way having achieved abstinence or reduced their substance use to safer limits. Of these, 2,367 reported improved psychological health, 2,018 reported improved physical health and 2,290 said their Quality of Life had improved at point of discharge

Criminal justice services.

We worked with 490 people who exited the service. 407 people were maintaining independent living or progressing towards independent living at case closure. 260 reported reducing offending and harm to others. Less than 7% of our service users re-presented within the criminal justice system whilst receiving support from Humankind.