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Humankind appoints Leeds-wide Domestic Abuse Lead Practitioner

‚ÄčThe Humankind-led Forward Leeds service and our Leeds DIP/IOM service have created a new role to provide a coordinated delivery of support and management of risk to domestic violence perpetrators and their families.

Becky Carrington has been appointed Domestic Abuse Lead Practitioner to bring drug, alcohol, criminal justice and domestic abuse services together, so that they can work more effectively in partnership.

Becky said: "It's all about reducing risk and increasing resources. By supporting males to make better choices in their relationships and changes to their behaviour we are ultimately protecting their partners and families".

A great deal of Becky's role lies in helping to strengthen the interventions that key workers in Forward Leeds and DIP/IOM deliver to those with a history of perpetrating domestic abuse.

That means working alongside and training key workers on best practice as well as helping them to hone their skills in dealing with these issues.

There will be a toolkit of resources available for key workers to support them in developing their skills even further in this area

Lee Wilson Director of Forward Leeds and DIP/IOM (Drug intervention Programme/Integrated Offender Management) said: "Becky's role across the services we offer in Leeds is key to ensuring a city wide coordinated approach to the risks associated with domestic violence perpetrators and their families. By having Becky in this role we are reinforcing an already robust system and making sure we work with people as effectively as possible to minimise those risks."

Becky is also facilitating a new Forward Leeds and DIP/IOM group work programme for males who recognise that they are abusive towards partners and motivated to change their behaviour called "Relationships and Recovery".