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Supporting staff and commissioners even more

The merger of Blenheim and Humankind has brought together not only our shared values but also the valuable contribution of all service users, families and carers, partners, stakeholders, commissioners, volunteers and our staff.



We are a people led organisation and the skills, knowledge and passion of our now 1000 strong workforce enables us to put in place creative and flexible services to meet the needs of the communities where we work.


This is what one member of staff said in our recent staff survey:


“I feel as an organisation Humankind go the extra mile to give added value to the work that we do. Staff are supported to bring their own unique experiences and identity into the work they do and this supports an open honest culture of learning, development and personal and professional growth. In my experience staff work without hierarchy which promotes inclusion for service users from the moment they walk into the service.”


Our diverse staff members come from a wide range of backgrounds and careers, but all share one common belief - that all people should have the opportunity to realize their potential.


Humankind has never been better placed to deliver a truly accessible, responsive, tailored and dynamic approach for commissioners. We will continue our work with commissioners to support residents to thrive and heighten their feeling of well being.


Anna Headley, Humankind’s Executive Director of Operations of South and West Yorkshire and the North West, said:


“What I love about how we work in Humankind is that we are always responsive to the needs of the service users – we keep their needs at the heart of what we do and any changes we suggest.


“One of the ways we do this is by listening to our workforce. We have a high proportion of our workers who have lived experience and we champion the experience of our volunteers which means we’re innovative in so many ways. We’re adaptive and flexible to need.


Our staff team crucially are engaged and feel they have a stake in what we do. They work over and above with so many extracurricular activities for our clients.”


Watch our animation for more information on our merger here or read the news story here.