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We are Humankind – our charter of values

Humankind has redefined its vision, mission and values following an intensive, two year staff exercise with its 1,200 strong workforce.

Staff and volunteers were consulted across dozens of sites with an aim of distilling the ethos of the organisation into a single document, We Are Humankind - our charter of values.

Paul Townsley, Chief Executive Officer of Humankind, said: “This document shows everyone what we’re all about at Humankind.

“We talk about helping people reach their full potential and creating stronger, better, communities. We reinforce our values of being honest, committed and inventive.”

“As we continue to grow, with a workforce widespread across the North and in the South, it provides a reference point and touchstone for all that we do.”

We are Humankind – our charter of values reflects the feelings of workers as expressed in internal workshops. It is designed to further enable individuals and teams to carry out their work in full awareness of their rights and responsibilities.

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