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Humankind Drug and Alcohol Services launch the Wasted Summer campaign

Five drug and alcohol services provided by Humankind have launched a summer campaign targeting young adults.

The campaign, entitled ‘Wasted Summer’, aims to raise awareness of the dangers of over indulging from alcohol and/or drugs, and to provide guidance on how to have a safe summer and what to do if things go wrong.

Emily Todd, Director at Humankind, said: “The messages that we are trying to get out there are about having fun but doing so in a way that means you and others aren’t put at risk.

“People can get carried away at summer parties and especially at festivals. Wasted This Summer offers practical advice to help people get clued up about what they are doing, so they can make safer choices about alcohol and drugs.”

Posters and leaflets are being distributed across the service areas, supported by social media messages that can be shared with the hashtag #WastedSummer