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Humankind and London charity Blenheim CDP confirm merger

Pioneering health and social care charity Humankind and innovative London-based alcohol and drug charity Blenheim CDP have confirmed that they will merge in April 2019 following the announcement of their intention to merge in November.

The organisation, which will be named Humankind and employ over 1,100 staff, will build upon their commitment to pursue their vision for people of all ages to be safe, building ambitions for the future and reaching towards their full potential.

Paul Townsley, Chief Executive of Humankind said today: “Our previous announcement on 19th November received an exceptionally positive response, from our staff teams, but also from our partners, stakeholders and the public. We are delighted that these groups recognise how exciting this news is for both of our organisations, and more importantly for the people who use our services.

Our merged organisation will be different to others for two main reasons. Firstly, we will offer a comprehensive range of health and social care services that address the needs of those who need better opportunities in their lives; by providing safe homes, health provision and services which develop the skills required to live independent and fulfilling lives. Secondly, we will work in partnership with a range of different partners, of varying sizes, specialisms, focuses and constitutions. From small private companies to large NHS providers, we recognise that others are often best placed to deliver services and are able to complement what we offer. These partnerships are formed specifically to meet the needs of those who access our services, and the communities which we serve.”

Eric Feltin, Chair of the Board of Trustee at Blenheim CDP, said: “Blenheim’s passion and belief in people’s capacity to change has been at the heart of the organisation for the last 55 years, driving delivery of excellent services and effective campaigning for best practice. By coming together, our joint organisation will have much greater reach to deliver this best practice and have the resources to drive further innovation, developing more compelling services as a result. So, as we near the end of another successful year for both Blenheim and Humankind, we look forward to 2019 with excitement.”