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Strong support at Kirklees Family Intervention Project

Claire Bradshaw shares the story of her positive volunteering experience.

“When I initially applied for a position as a volunteer at Humankind I hoped that I would be able to gain some practical experience in my desired area of interest which was children’s services and family support.

I can honestly say I got so much more out of volunteering at Humankind than I could have hoped for. From the start, I was embraced by the team and felt valued for my efforts, even if I wasn’t that confident. The team at Kirklees Family Intervention Project offered me intensive support and allowed me to be involved in a number of cases. This was fantastic for my experience and really helped me to build my own confidence as a family worker and feel able to carry out tasks independently.

After a few months volunteering at Humankind a position came up for a Family Worker. I was encouraged by my mentor to apply for the positon and supported in every aspect before I submitted my application. At the point that I came to list my experience in the relevant areas, I became aware of just how much of an impact volunteering had had. Although I had gained knowledge through my academic studies most of the examples of relevant knowledge or experience required for the application were all examples of the work I had done whilst at Humankind.

I was successful in my application and now work within the KFIP team, I don’t feel as though I would be here without volunteering so my experience as a volunteer was completely invaluable.”