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Salford Intensive Family Intervention Project

Supporting local families to make positive changes

The Salford Intensive Family Intervention Project provides real help for families in and around Salford.

Supporting local families to make positive changes

Salford Intensive Family Intervention Project understands the importance of ensuring that all our service users are safe from harm.

It is important that all staff are aware of their Local Safeguarding Board’s requirements and that they are able to access the local guidance.

For your local guidance please search Salford Council, worried about a child. www.salford.gov.uk/worriedaboutachild

The Bridge Partnership can be contacted by telephone on 0161 603 4500 from 8.30am to 4.30pm.

If you need to speak to somebody about your referral of concern outside these hours, please call the Emergency Duty Team on 0161 794 8888.

If you are a practitioner and you want to make a referral to the Bridge Partnership, please use the online referral form – available at www.salford.gov.uk/secureupload

If you are concerned about the behaviour of an adult who works with children in a paid or voluntary capacity contact your line manager and/or the Local Authority Designated Of-ficer (LADO) for Salford on 0161 603 4350.

​In an emergency situation please ensure that you contact the police on 999.

We can help

Families with children under 16 years who are experiencing difficulties maintaining their tenancy/or losing their homes as a result of anti-social behaviour or debt can access the service. We provide intensive parenting and family support.

We support families facing other difficulties, such as:

  • Poor school attendance
  • Accessing out of work benefits
  • Poor family functioning
  • Domestic abuse, substance misuse, long term health conditions, parents’ offending or in prison, parental mental health, learning disabilities

Individual Family Action Plans

Specialist Family Workers complete comprehensive assessments of a family’s strengths and difficulties and put in place an Individual Action Plan to:

  • Reduce anti-social behaviour, providing support to those classed as a perpetrator or as a victim
  • Access training or work
  • Improve children’s school attendance
  • Better manage children’s behaviour
  • Manage debts, benefits and/or housing issues

Family Action Plans are reviewed regularly, along with other statutory services engaged with families, to ensure we can support the needs of the whole family as long as is needed, usually between 4- 15 months.

We also encourage everyone to get involved in the development of the project through a dedicated Service Users Group (SUGAR).