Gender Pay Report

Our values are to be honest, committed and inventive.  Fairness and equality are pivotal to our organisation.

Since the initial report in 2017, Humankind has been through considerable growth and change, including a full rebrand from DISC to Humankind in 2018 and 35% organisational growth, year on year.  This growth has been achieved through TUPE transfers of key service provisions which include clinical staff.  The current proportion of female employees is 72% and male employees 28%, having changed by 1% in each category year on year.

Humankind anticipated the gender pay gap to widen in 2018 as a result of the growth and TUPE activity within the organisation.  The 5-year strategy for Humankind strives to address this within its organisational remuneration strategy and aspires to reduce the gap year on year.  We are aware that future growth plans may impact this in the coming year.  

Our 2018 Report

Gender pay reporting legislation requires employers with 250 employees or more to publish calculations every year showing how large the pay gap is between their male and female employees.

As an organisation we do not pay bonus payments, therefore this has been marked as not applicable.

The gender pay report represents the simple average figure for all employees in the Humankind workforce, irrespective of role or grade; this is not to be confused with equal pay.

Humankind median pay gap is 2.91% against the UK national average of 9.10%.  In 2017 Humankind reported a 0.9% median, this is movement of 2% year on year due to growth in clinical services.

Our Analysis


Pay Quartiles across the Workforce


About Humankind

Humankind is committed to reducing deprivation and exclusion and to improving people’s wellbeing.

Humankind is one of England’s most successful home-grown charities. We employ over 1,100 staff and around 100 volunteers, providing services for over 20,000 people. Our specialist services provide interventions/support with substance use, clinical, employment training and education, housing, independent living and health, young people and families’ needs.

We also offer affordable accommodation as a Registered Social Landlord via Humankind Housing and promote volunteering/employment opportunities through MoreTime UK, Humankind’s social enterprise.

Paul Townsley

Chief Executive Officer

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