Gender Pay Report – Humankind

Gender Pay Report

Our values are to be honest, committed and inventive.  Fairness and equality are pivotal to our organisation.

Humankind’s vision is for people of all ages to be safe, building ambitions for the future and reaching towards their full potential. Our values are honest, committed and inventive. Fairness and equality are pivotal to our organisation.

As part of our five-year strategic plan, investment in reward, recognition and remuneration across our workforce is helping us to close the gender pay gap year on year. We want our workforce to feel valued and to be rewarded fairly.

Our 2023 Report

Throughout 2022/23 the organisation has continued to deal with the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. The cost-of-living crisis has continued to create financial pressures for the organisation and the workforce.

Humankind has launched a new five-year strategy ‘Being Human’.

There has been increased funding for drug and alcohol treatment services within the organisation following a period of disinvestment.

The recruitment and candidate market remained volatile throughout 2022/23 with retaining good people a real challenge across the health and social care sector.

The organisation is committed to paying a real living wage, this has increased by 10% in 2022/23.

In the year we have delivered on the following commitments:

We launched our new 5-year strategy – ‘Being Human’
We have implemented a new leadership development programme for future leaders
We have reviewed our approach to pay for Apprenticeships
We have grown our talent acquisition team to meet organisational needs
We have reviewed and adapted our approach to pay responding to the market and our workforce
We introduced a new approach to induction ensuring all new colleagues receive ‘a warm welcome’

Humankind is committed to paying the workforce a fair, meaningful wage and staff pay remains a strategic priority.

Read our 2023 report here.

About Humankind

Humankind is committed to reducing deprivation and exclusion and to improving people’s wellbeing.

Humankind is one of England’s most successful home-grown charities. We have more than 1,800 staff and around 100 volunteers providing services to almost 80,000 people.

Our specialist services include substance use, clinical, employment training and education, housing services, housing support and health, young people and families services.

We also offer affordable accommodation as a Registered Social Landlord via Humankind Housing and promote volunteering/employment opportunities through MoreTime UK, Humankind’s social enterprise.

Paul Townsley

Chief Executive Officer