Meet the Executive Team – Humankind

Meet the Executive Team

Humankind is led by an experienced and committed Executive Team who all bring a wealth of experience and knowledge to their roles.


Paul Townsley

Humankind Chief Executive Officer
Black and white photo of Humankind CEO, Paul Townsley smiling.


Starting life as a volunteer I have worked in caring services for the vast majority of my working life from front line practitioner, to manager to CEO. I always try to learn and improve my skills and have done community work, social work and management qualifications to help with this.

I love the work that Humankind does and the challenges we help people with. At my interview I felt a connection with the people and that I was the right fit for the role and the organisation. I saw an organisation that I liked and where I felt I could add value.

I really enjoy the diversity and challenges of my role and being part of an organisation that helps people deliver really good services to our service users. I am passionate about improving our services where they need improvement and creating new services that meet unmet needs.


Evan Chiswell

Executive Director Business Development and Innovation
Black and white photo of Humankind Executive Director for Business Development & Innovation, Evan Chriswell.


I’ve worked with a range of different marginalised and/or vulnerable groups, including adult offenders, people with mental health needs, male sex workers, people who are street homeless, older people and people with a learning disability. In 2009, I also became a founding trustee of a charity called Survivors Manchester, which supports male survivors of sexual abuse or rape, and campaigns on a national scale.

I am a proud advocate of our work; I believe passionately in the services we deliver and our impact. Therefore, whilst I enjoy Business Development, there’s nothing I enjoy more than speaking to those that use our services and hearing about what we’ve done well, but also how we can make an even greater impact in the future.


Ted Haughey

Executive Director Operations


I have been working in the Health and Social Care field for 18 years, from starting as a volunteer through to my current role as Executive Director. I have worked across the country from Kent up to Newcastle in a range of specialisms including supported housing, street homelessness, young people’s services and substance misuse.

I had been working for my previous employer for nearly 10 years and had very good previous experience of working with Humankind. So when a Director opportunity was advertised, I applied and was thankfully successful. I have been with Humankind now since 2014, working across the North East and Yorkshire in different roles.

We are a charity that genuinely makes a difference for the vulnerable people who need our services and the communities that we work in. There is a positive culture and a committed workforce who go above and beyond to support those in need. I am very proud to work for Humankind.


Anna Headley

Executive Director for Clinical, Quality & Performance
Black and white photo of Humankind Executive Director for Clinical, Quality and Performance, Anna Headley


I have worked in health and social care for over 25 years, including 10 in the NHS, initially qualifying as a General Nurse and then specialising in neurosciences. I became interested in addiction having worked in acute care and witnessing first hand its devastating effects on individuals and their families.

Having worked with individuals over several years following traumatic and acquired brain injuries resulting from their addiction I wanted to be part of an organisation that supported people into recovery prior to injury. Since starting in Humankind my remit has expanded into working with other individuals with complex needs and wider social and health issues.

I love working for an organisation that is passionate about working with people and values them and their individualism. On a daily basis I see service users who have been entrenched in addiction, homelessness and poor mental health, who find their value and purpose and then thrive. I am proud to be part of that.



Dr Roya Vaziri

Executive Medical Director
Black and white photo of Executive Medical Director, Roya Vaziri.


On qualifying as a doctor in 1998 I have gained a breadth of experience from surgical specialities in the North East of England to completing my training in General Practice in the Southwest. My introduction to the speciality of Substance Misuse first came through my work as a GP providing care to people who were experiencing homelessness.

Appointed the Medical Director for Humankind in 2018, it is with great pride and passion that I work hard together with all our staff and volunteers to deliver the highest quality care possible.