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LGBT+ History Month at Humankind

Jasmine Rocks

Our LGBT+ North East service is dedicated to improving the lives of people from the LGBT+ community by providing a safe and welcoming space for them to access support and resources.

The service offers one-to-one support, group sessions and family intervention to those aged 11-25. We also support referrals to other organisations and resources that can help meet people’s individual needs.

Our team at LGBT+ North East and the people they support have been busy throughout February celebrating LGBT+ History Month.

We’ve concentrated on showcasing the LGBT+ community’s contribution to medicine, which is the theme for this year’s LGBT+ History Month. It has been inspiring to demonstrate the positive effect people from the community have had on wider society despite the challenges people have faced due to their sexual orientation or gender identity.

One of the most prominent LGBT figures in the medical field was Dr. James Barry, Born in the late 1700s, Barry identified as a man but lived their life as a woman.

They were able to obtain a medical degree and become a respected physician, making significant contributions to the field of medicine. They were a strong advocate for women’s health and hygiene and implemented practices that saved countless lives.

For more stories like this, take a look at our LGBT+ North East service’s posts from February on their Facebook page. It’s also been inspiring to see organisations and events engaging with our work and the people we support.

One such event was the Annual Durham University Queer Cabaret. The cabaret showcased a diverse range of eclectic talent, from drag performers to spoken word artists, musicians, and more. The event was vibrant and celebrated LGBT+ culture whilst promoting acceptance and inclusivity.

The show raised an amazing total of £468.52 for which we are incredibly grateful., We want to thank the organisers at Durham University for their commitment to community inclusion and integration which was evident throughout the show.

Our LGBT+ service was also invited to the Pride Action North East Progression Ball, which celebrates the achievements of LGBT+ individuals and raises funds for various charities.

The night was full of amazing performances and messages of hope and progression within the wider society for the LGBT+ community. It showcased the hard work that charities and services like ours undertake to ensure that the voices of the community are heard. The event also promoted the ways we can make the world a more diverse and inclusive place by adopting simple, yet fundamental, changes to ensure minority groups can thrive.

In addition to these events, our LGBT+ North East services Team Manager, Gail Brook attended the Northumbria Police LGBT+ committees Annual General Meeting (AGM).

Over the previous year, the Northumbria Police LGBT+ committee organised a variety of events that have raised a combined total of £1,190.

They collectively decided to donate the money to our service to support the social groups we run to help young LGBT+ people build social relationships, self-confidence, resilience, and awareness of their identity.

Without the support of our services, young LGBT+ people in the North East may not get to enjoy outings and activities due to anxiety, fear of public reaction to their identity, or social isolation, among other reasons. The incredible events and organisations who support us allow us to increase our outreach and engagement, and ultimately make a positive difference to LGBT+ people’s lives.

Check out the gallery of photos from the events below.