New medicines information resources for staff, service users and others

Helen Deeson

Humankind’s Clinical Department has organised access to a website providing high-quality advice and support regarding the use of medication. The Choice and Medication website provides free information about medication used for managing mental health/substance misuse in easy read formats including printable leaflets, for our staff, service users, their friends/families/carers and other healthcare professionals.

Roz Gittins, Director of Pharmacy at Humankind, said; “The information available on this website will be especially useful during the COVID-19 outbreak, where our staff and service users aren’t able to access information in the usual way. It is essential that people have access to reliable information about their medication so that they can make informed decisions about their treatment. The website includes information about different medicines as well as other useful advice such as a comparison between methadone and buprenorphine, safe storage, buying medication online and sleep hygiene.”

Visit the website to find all the resources available on the new Choice and Medication site.

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