Our services mark International Women’s Day – Humankind

Our services mark International Women’s Day

Helen Deeson

Vulnerable women supported by Humankind have met all this week to consider what equality means to them, in the run up to Sunday’s International Women’s Day.

Jenna Wing, of Humankind, said: “This year, the theme is #eachforequal. It’s about fighting bias, broadening perceptions and improving situations for women. It could be the year-round motto at our  Women’s Criminal Justice Service!”

The service holds meetings in church halls and community centres throughout North Yorkshire. Workers provide support to women who are involved in the criminal justice system, with the aim of helping them improve their lives and prevent any further offending.

Jenna said: “We’ve been asking the women who use our service for quotes that mean a lot to them and inspire them. We’ve been pinning these up around the groups and talking about them. It seems to have been really empowering.”

Worker Jess Tile added: “Women deserve our support. They need help not punishment. With a few simple interventions the women can lead happier and more stable lives, this is something everyone’s entitled to.”

The women also made a poster and cakes to celebrate the day.

Jess Tile, with cakes and with fellow worker Zoe Tomlinson.