Reflections – Humankind


Ann Hall, Head of Volunteering reflects on the opportunities that mergers bring to our volunteering team here at Humankind.

Last summer EDP merged with Humankind following a period of time as a subsidiary. Within volunteering the merge brought change and opportunities. We gained a knowledgeable and passionate Regional Volunteer Team Lead and a diverse range of dedicated volunteers.

We continue to benefit from that merge, through the skills, expertise and experience of colleagues who add value to volunteering at Humankind.

I have admiration and appreciation for the inspiring volunteers that support our South West services.

Nicole, a Volunteer Activity Lead for Flourish in Nature started volunteering with us as they thought it would be good for them. Nicole reflected, “I realised that the more I got stuck into the role, the more I could help, so I have enjoyed taking on more responsibility. I now also help within the Recovery Cafe”.

“Flourish in Nature is an activity group, it takes us out of our comfort zone, and for me, it has helped me learn to communicate and build confidence again”.

“It has really helped me to feel a part of something. I hope I can make people feel like they can open up, I try my best to be understanding and support the best I can with advice from my own Lived Experience”.

Hearing these reflections from Nicole, and other volunteers across Humankind bring me back to why we invest so much in our offer, because of the powerful and long-lasting impact it has on a volunteer and just how much volunteering means to them.

Ann Hall, Head of Volunteering