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Our alcohol recovery services

Talk to us if you think you need help with alcohol. Our free and confidential services can support you to make the changes you want to make.

We can help if:

  • you often feel the need to have a drink
  • once you start drinking, you find it difficult to stop
  • you get into trouble because of your drinking
  • other people have told you that they’re worried about how much you’re drinking
  • you think your drinking is causing you problems

"This was a first session and really helpful - Stephen has provided me some very practical guidance on how I can control my drinking."

Worried about your own or someone else’s alcohol use? Contact one of our free services and talk confidentially to someone.

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How we work

We support with your own goals, whether that’s making small changes, stopping drinking altogether or just getting some advice

Find your nearest service and get in touch

We will meet you to agree your goals

Your worker will support you to make positive changes

"I feel healthier. I'm not letting people down. I'm up early each morning to take the dog out. I don't feel ashamed. I can hold my head up in public. I've got back involved in all the things I enjoy." - Nick
If you are ready to make a change we can support you to make it happen with one of our free and confidential services. Get in touch with us.


If you want to reduce or stop how much alcohol you drink DrinkCoach offer a range of online tools to help you track and change your drinking including an app and online coaching.