Children, Young People and Families – Humankind

Children, Young People and Families

A strong reputation supporting children, young people and families

Humankind has a strong reputation in successfully delivering support services for children, young people and families. We are regularly re-commissioned because of our effectiveness in this area of work.

We offer risk and resilience support services to children and young people in a variety of areas of need, such as:

  • Young carers and young adult carers
  • Children and young people effected by parental substance misuse
  • Young people who are lesbian, gay, bi-sexual or transgender
  • Young people who have queries or issues around their gender identity

We also provide wide ranging support to families through the delivery of Family Intervention Projects (known as FIPs).

Psychosocial interventions

We use a variety of psycho-social intervention methods and models such as Motivational Interviewing, Cognitive Behaviour Therapy and Neuro-linguistic Programming. And we have recently developed and implemented a new Systemic Families Therapy model which is used across our services.

Roots to reintegration

These forms of intervention, together with an asset based-approach to delivery, allow us to maximise the benefits of our service provision. We empower our service users and heighten their self-esteem. Our workers aim to strengthen service users’ coping mechanisms and their routes to reintegrate with peers and within their local communities.

National commissioners

Our Children, Young People and Families services are commissioned by national organisations such as Children in Need, The Big Lottery and Comic Relief, as well as by local authorities.

We often work within partnership and consortium models to provide a fuller, more comprehensive service tailored to the individual needs of our service users. In addition, we also draw upon the strengths, aspirations and social and emotional capital of the individuals and their communities to achieve long term resilience and outcomes.

Putting our service users first

We are known for working successfully with children, young people and families who are considered to be the hardest to reach. We put our service users first and take their views on board at all times.

Humankind promote choice – we make sure individuals have the opportunity to make their own decisions, allowing us to put a strong focus on their needs.