Criminal justice issues – Humankind

Our criminal justice services

If you are involved in offending now or have in the past, we can support you to make positive changes.

We can help if:

  • you are offending now
  • you have offended in the past
  • you are in prison
  • you need support with housing, training or getting a job

Are you looking for a fresh start? You can contact one of our free services and talk confidentially to someone.

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How we work

We work across communities and prisons, getting to know you as an individual so that we can support you to reduce or stop your offending behaviour and build a more positive future

Get in touch with us or ask someone to refer you

We will meet you to agree your goals

Your worker will support you to make positive changes

We believe in providing all round support which addresses your individual needs. We want to enable you to overcome issues, reduce or end your offending, and to stay in a job.