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Turn it around

At Humankind, our focus is on supporting you to make positive changes and turn things around for the better.

An image of a pier and a lighthouse stretching out to sea is turned upside down. The text says 'Drugs can flip anyone's world upside down. Let's turn it around together."

Let’s turn it around.

We’re an independent charity supporting people in communities across England to live a safe and secure life that is meaningful to them. Our local services provide a range of support for people experiencing issues with drugs and alcohol, housing, mental health, education, work and skills.

Our ‘turn it around’ campaign has been developed by County Durham Drug and Alcohol Recovery Service, our free and confidential drug and alcohol support service based across County Durham.

It features messaging and photography which has been produced in collaboration with the people we support who live in County Durham. We want you to know that even when life feels at it has been flipped upside down, we can still turn it around together.

On the left, there is an image of a woodland gate turned upside down. On the right, the woodland gate appears the right way up.

A guide to being Healthier, Happier, Harm Free 

As part of ‘turn it around’, the people we support have also developed a guide to being Healthier, Happier, Harm Free. It’s all about living a life that is meaningful to you, where your health, wellbeing and safety is the number one priority.

The downloadable booklet features 40 practical tips and pieces of advice written by people with lived experience of drug and alcohol issues who have accessed support from County Durham Drug and Alcohol Recovery Service and turned their lives around. With their words, they hope to support you to also become happier, healthier, and harm free.

Download the guide

Get support

If you live in County Durham and would like to talk to us about how we can provide you with free, confidential and non-judgemental support for your drug or alcohol use, please visit County Durham Drug and Alcohol Recovery Service webpage.

If you live elsewhere in England, you can search for a free and confidential support service local to you on our homepage.

To help you make the changes you want to make, County Durham Drug and Alcohol Recovery Service provides: 

  • support with physical, emotional, or mental health needs 
  • harm reduction services, such as a needle exchange programme 
  • recovery and detox programmes 
  • one to one and group therapy 
  • social activities, such as our gardening and cooking clubs 
  • education, training, and employment opportunities