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Our family services

Talk to us if you or you family need support. We find your strengths and work with you individually and as a family to achieve your goals.

We can help you if:

  • your family is struggling with alcohol or drug issues
  • you need some support with managing your children’s behaviour
  • your family is struggling with housing or debt
  • you want to improve your relationship with your children
  • you or someone else in your family who identifies as LGBT+ wants some support

"I found out that my dad isn't the only parent that drinks too much alcohol. I'm not on my own."

Josh, age 9

Talk to us if your family needs support. Our free and confidential services can support you to make the changes you want to make.

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How we work

We work with you to achieve your families goals, if you are using alcohol or drugs, affected by someone else’s use or just need some support

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We will discuss your needs

Our team will support your family to make positive changes

“The parenting programme was really helpful and beneficial for me and my daughter. Lock down was a challenging time. After my sessions I could reflect and think about how I could change different aspects of life such as my communication with my daughter and boundaries at home. I feel more confident as a parent and would highly recommend this to any parent.” Shirley