Health and Wellbeing – Humankind

Health and Wellbeing

Our vision is for people to be safe, and therefore we see it as vital that the people that use our services, their families and their communities are healthy.

Our health and wellbeing services range from lifestyle or behavioural advice through to clinical delivery, and these services are delivered across a national footprint.

Working in partnerships

Health and Wellbeing services are usually commissioned by councils and we work very closely with them to deliver the safest and most effective services possible. We also develop and pilot innovative new models.

We regularly work in partnership and consortium models. It’s the way we do things across our charity work and it means that we can draw on local and national expertise and experience to address the different, individual needs of our service users.

We take what’s known as an “asset-based” approach. We draw upon people’s strengths, their aspirations, and their relationships within their communities to achieve lasting resilience and outcomes.

Psychosocial interventions

Humankind uses different psychosocial intervention methods and models. They include Motivational Interviewing, Cognitive Behaviour Therapy and Neuro-linguistic Programming, as well as Systemic Families Therapy models, all of which are used across our services.

Along with our asset-based approach, we maximise the benefits of our Health and Wellbeing services. Service users feel more empowered. They feel more a part of their community. We’ve seen their self-esteem rise. We’re able to strengthen all-important coping mechanisms. And we help our service users find new ways to integrate with local people.