Housing related support – Humankind

Housing related support

Help to achieve independent living

Humankind has been providing housing related support for more than 25 years.

We help vulnerable people in the community who may be homeless, at risk of homelessness or at risk of losing their tenancy. They may also live in poor quality or temporary accommodation, or they may be sofa surfing. On a typical day, our housing related services support over 1,000 clients.

Service users may have mental health problems. They may have offended, used drugs and/or alcohol, may be young people leaving care, be young single mothers, they may have social exclusion issues, or they may belong to minority groups.

Floating support

Our ‘floating support’ services offer support for people in emergency accommodation, hostels, half-way houses or in independent tenancies.

We support people by talking to local authorities, housing associations, social service departments and private landlords to advocate for them and their needs. We help people to get the accommodation they need, to establish their tenancy agreements and to access any appropriate housing benefits.

Real housing related support

Our services are aimed at helping people to maintain their accommodation. We help to develop people’s independent living skills, including money management, cooking and even DIY.

We also provide emotional support and develop people’s motivational skills. We help service users who are already in accommodation, making sure that they don’t lose their accommodation because of a lack of independent living skills.

Our teams provide ‘Tenancy Ready Training’. This is for people with either a history of failed tenancies or for those who have not yet lived independently or managed a previous tenancy.

An all-round offering

We own or rent property across England, and because our charity offers many different services, we can help our clients with a range of their different needs, such as employment, training, family support, health and wellbeing.