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A common sense solution

At Humankind Housing, we’ve found a solution that means we can provide housing for people often considered by private landlords to be high risk.

People who are struggling with issues such as unemployment, substance misuse, domestic violence, mental health, physical disability, anti-social/offending behaviour, are leaving care, or those who have poor basic skills can find it very difficult to find a home. Private landlords are often wary of renting to them. Humankind Housing has stepped in with a solution that bridges the divide.

Humankind Housing – a growing portfolio

Most of our lease agreements run between three and five years. However, this is flexible and will include specific break clauses and termination periods to suit the homeowner and our own needs.

The Humankind Housing team provide all of the property and intensive housing management functions for our properties, and we pride ourselves on the provision of high standard accommodation. We also work in conjunction with More Time UK Ltd., Humankind’s wholly owned trading subsidiary and social enterprise.

We offer accommodation across the North of England. Through partnering with local support providers, Humankind helps people develop their independent living skills and maintain their tenancy.

Are you a property owner?

For property owners, we offer long term leases, competitive rents, guaranteed income regardless of occupancy, as well as all property management functions. All of our properties are of a good standard and meet the Homes and Communities Agency’s ‘Decent Homes Standard’ and are free from ‘Category One Hazards’ in relation to the Housing Health and Safety Rating System (HHSRS).

To assist landlords, we provide:

  • A rent bond guarantee
  • Early identification and resolution of issues
  • Support to tenants to understand their rights and responsibilities
  • Tenancy-ready training
  • Mediation service for landlords and tenants
  • Tenancy set-up
  • Guaranteed payment of rent and occupancy

We give landlords the confidence and support to let property to people they may previously have thought ‘too risky’. We can increase the much needed availability of properties for vulnerable clients. By supporting tenants and landlords to resolve issues, we decrease the number of clients who are evicted, thus facing repeat homelessness.

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